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Yamaha Banshee Parts

All this hype about the 450rs and the YFwhatevers and its almost like the hole ATV industry is setting itself up to be tricked again.  The DS650 the Raptor, lets face it, we've heard it all before.  Line um up baby and listen to them pipes scream.  You know nothing can mess with the Banshee.
The first time I rode a Banshee I thought I had to have one.  My friend works at a dealership up the block that had a used one in the parking lot.  I've seen them before and I new they ripped but this was still more then I expected.  This thing actually pulled me out of my shorts...Just like that my shorts stuck to the bike and my white ass was almost past the wheelie bar.
Don't get me wrong the new 450s are the shit but its just different.  Its an unmistakable feeling to remember being in the the pit somewhere on your 89 Banshee and you just smoked some kid on a new 450 in his not even dirty O'Neil or Thor clown suit. 2013